April 18, 2024

SSLN Webinar| Demand Generation for Condom Use

Introduction ‍

Condoms are a cost-effective and highly successful method to prevent HIV transmission, sexually transmitted infections, and unintended pregnancies. In countries with high HIV prevalence, the utilization of condoms often falls below the required targets for meaningful impact. Disparities in access to and usage of condoms persist, especially among youth, where recent data indicates a decrease in condom usage.

The Global Fund awarded a Strategic Initiative to support technical assistance for Condom Programming, aimed at tackling these obstacles in four countries: Zambia, Uganda, Zambia and Mozambique. Anticipated results from this Strategic Initiative included the development innovative demand generation strategies.

This webinar sought to provide a platform for the four countries to share their demand creation experiences and innovations.

  • Share how peer networks can amplify tailored messages to specific audiences, boosting condom demand and ensuring last-mile access.
  • Describe how virtual platforms and digital marketing can effectively reach younger demographics and promote responsible condom use.
  • Analyse successful campaigns to understand how combining diverse outreach methods with last-mile distribution maximises condom access and demand

Lucy Maikweki, the  Technical Lead for Condom and ARV-based Prevention at SSLN made the opening remarks for this webinar.

Following that, there were presentations from various countries showcasing successful strategies. Boniface Epoku from the Ministry of Health Uganda presented on peer-led condom promotion with a focus on last-mile distribution. A team from Zambia, including Tiwonge Dimba, Petros Mazunda, and Violet Mongeza, presented virtual strategies for increasing condom use.

Izidio Nhanthumbo from Mozambique shared their experiences with a multi-channel campaign called “A Nossa Cena Usa”  that linked demand creation with last-mile distribution. Finally, Francis Mabedi from the Malawi National AIDS Commission presented their approach to condom demand generation.

After the presentations, Lucy Maikweki summarised the key takeaways, highlighting audience segmentation, using digital channels to reach young people, and designing campaigns that connect with last-mile distribution channels.

The session concluded with a Q&A session and closing remarks from Kerry Mangold, the SSLN Programme Director.


Recording and presentation from this session can be accessed below

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