March 7, 2024

SSLN | Link & Learn on Adolescent Health Indabas hosted by Zambia

Adolescent girls and young women (AGYW)

Adolescence is a critical time for shaping sexual health behaviors, but the challenges young people face vary across the globe. In Africa, this window coincides with high rates of HIV infection, unintended pregnancy, and limited access to youth-friendly healthcare.  However, African youth hold the key to improving their sexual health outcomes. Their local understanding and fresh perspectives are invaluable. When empowered through decision-making, they build trust with healthcare providers and champion relevant programs, ultimately navigating their sexual health with confidence.


  • Explore the Zambia HIV epidemic and the rationale behind the Adolescent Health Indabas (RAHi).
  • Understand the Regional Adolescent Health Indabas (RAHi): its purpose, format, and past attendees.
  • Gain insights from representatives of Malawi, South Africa, Ghana, and Congo on their key takeaways from the session.

The session kicked off with a warm welcome from Dr. Tina Chisenga, Ministry of Health Zambia.  Following this, Dr. Chimika Phiri, also from the Ministry of Health Zambia, provided valuable context.  He explored the current state of adolescent health in Zambia, highlighting the reasons behind creating the Regional Adolescent Health Indabas (RAHi).  Dr. Phiri then provided a deeper understanding of the int RAHi itself, defining its purpose and format, while also detailing who participated in past events.

Luwi Mercy Katoka, a Country Youth Representative for the MOSAIC project, presented a detailed review of the past three RAHi events.  Her presentation focused on key attendees from participating regions, along with highlighting the notable outcomes and successes achieved at each Indaba.  She also showcased the resulting impactful changes driven by RAHi.

The session transitioned into an open discussion facilitated by Rita Kalamatila from the National AIDS Council, Zambia.  This Q&A session allowed participants to ask questions and engage in open dialogue.  To enrich the discussion with regional perspectives, representatives from Malawi, South Africa, Ghana, and Congo then shared their key takeaways from the session


Recordings and presentations from this session are available for download below.  Don't miss this valuable resource!

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