June 6, 2024

SSLN Webinar | HIV prevention cascade hosted by Zimbabwe


HIV prevention cascades are a game-changer in measuring programme effectiveness in HIV prevention. By tracking individuals through key prevention stages, these cascades reveal crucial insights: coverage (who receives essential prevention methods), drop-off points (where people fall out of the process), and bottlenecks (stages hindering progress). Leveraging this data, programme managers can pinpoint weaknesses and tailor interventions for maximum impact. By addressing bottlenecks and improving coverage at each stage, programmes can significantly increase their effectiveness in the HIV prevention efforts.

  • To introduce the Harare HIV Combination Prevention Cascade (Harare HIV-CPC) analogous to the treatment cascade
  • To share experiences from Zimbabwe on the utility and limitations of programme-specific HIV prevention cascades
  • To share results and insights gained from measuring the Harare HIV-CPC in population surveys in Manicaland, East Zimbabwe
  • To raise awareness of a SSLN / Zimbabwe-led initiative to promote measurement and reporting of the Harare HIV-CPC in national population surveys.

The session kicked off with Mr. Raymond Yekeye(NAC) emphasizing the importance of measuring HIV prevention effectiveness. Ms. Getrude Ncube (MoHCC)  then outlined the webinar's goals, which focused on understanding different measurement approaches and their practical us

The webinar focused on Zimbabwe's experience with measuring HIV prevention effectiveness. Experts Mr Isaac Taramusi and  Ms. Anna Machiha from UNAIDS and MoHCC respectively discussed existing programmes and data considerations. Dr. Moyo (MoHCC) then introduced a new assessment tool, the Harare HIV-CPC framework, followed by a real-world application example by Ms. Mandizvidza from Biomedical Research and Training Institute (BRTI). Finally, the session shifted to using the framework for programme development and evaluation, with presentations by Mr. Sithole (MoHCC) and Dr. Nyamukapa (BRTI)

The webinar wrapped up with key takeaways and recommendations. Mr. Sithole (MoHCC) shared learnings from Zimbabwe and advice for other countries. Mohammed Khan (SSLN) discussed a collaborative effort to integrate the new framework into national surveys. Finally, Mr. Yekeye (NAC) summarised the key discussion points


The recording and presentation from this webinar can be accessed below!

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