May 30, 2024

SSLN | Link & Learn on Enhanced Access to PrEP for Key and Priority Populations By Mozambique

Key Populations - General

Access to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) for key and priority populations is crucial in the fight against HIV/AIDS. These populations are at higher risk of HIV infection due to various socio-economic, cultural, and behavioural factors. By targeting those most at risk, PrEP programs can significantly decrease new infections, alleviate the burden on healthcare systems, and move closer to the goal of ending the HIV epidemic. Moreover, ensuring access to PrEP for these populations promotes health equity, supports human rights, and contributes to the broader efforts of global public health to protect and empower vulnerable communities.

  1. Understand Mozambique’s PrEP implementation model.
  2. Explore the challenges faced by Mozambique in their implementation of PrEP and the next steps.
  3. Gain key takeaways from other countries’ experiences.

The session began with an introduction and framing by Lucy Maikweki ( Technical Lead ARV-Based Prevention, SSLN). Following this, Valdo Mega from the Ministry of Health, Mozambique provided context on the status of HIV prevalence in Mozambique. He detailed the phased implementation of PrEP in Mozambique, starting from the pilot phase, which aimed to assess the acceptability and adherence to PrEP among key and priority populations, to its national expansion. Valdo then outlined the status of PrEP in 2023, highlighting the coverage across various provinces and demographic groups.

He emphasized the lessons learned, such as the importance of standardised materials for demand creation and the need for better coordination between clinical and community partners. He also discussed the challenges, including the lack of standardised material for demand creation and the need to improve coordination between clinical and community partners. The presentation concluded with the next steps, which include piloting new PrEP options like the vaginal ring and CAB-LA.

The session transitioned into a question-and-answer segment facilitated by Lucy Maikweki, allowing participants to ask questions and engage in open dialogue. Melvin Mwansa from Zambia shared his key takeaways from the session, further enhancing the collective understanding on PrEP implementation in the region.


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